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Available in 2022

The embrace of capital

New from Don Milligan, a thought provoking and provocative analysis of communism,
from a communist.


A thought provoking and provocative analysis of communism.

The "spectre of communism" which Karl Marx confidently evoked in 1848 is now nothing more than a ghostly and ghastly nightmare, without form or substance. This is because working people have developed a love-hate relationship with capitalism. They hate insecurity, inequality, and greed, and love civic and political freedom. They love mass consumption, and accept the logic of commerce. Barreling along through wars, revolutions, epidemics, and crises of all sorts, working people in their millions have consistently dumfounded and dismayed the left, by their refusal to countenance any alternative to the capitalist mode of life. We have to ask: Is it possible to reverse this reality, and once again talk of the necessity of communism?

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Don Milligan is a Manchester based veteran gay activist, trade unionist, and communist

Milligan has released previous titles of The Politics of Homosexuality, Pluto Press, 1973, The Truth About the Aids Panic, Junius, 1987, Sex-Life: A critical commentary on the History of Sexuality and Pluto Press, 1993.

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“Genuinely thought provoking and provocative. A much-needed takedown of what Orwell once called the ‘smelly little orthodoxies’ of the left, and why they are so distant and alienated from the working class they claim to fight for.” - Ralph Leonard